Collectible Video Games Atari 2600 Rare Price List

This post will serve as a price list and will also include links to search for each game. We have already taken a look at the NES system and today will look at the Atari 2600. In later post we’ll explore more systems like the N64 and PS1. I will give an average price each game is selling for on ebay and for the lowest listed price. I will also show the price with and without the box and manual. You can click through the links to check current ebay or prices. This should be a good starting place for those researching rare games to buy and sell.

1. Scuba Diver  

Amazon: $50 with manual
Ebay: $20 cart only

2. Rubik’s Cube 

Amazon: $45 cart only
Ebay: $60 with instructions

3. Montezuma’s Revenge: Featuring Panama Joe 

Amazon: $40 cart only
Ebay: $70 CIB $20 cart only

4. Star Wars The Arcade Game 

Amazon: $250 CIB $23 cart only
Ebay: $80 with manual $40 cart only

5. Tax Avoiders 

Amazon: $20 cart only 
Ebay: $50 with manual $20 cart only
6. Frogger 2 – Threeedeep  

Amazon: $25 cart only 
Ebay: $15 cart only 

7. Pong Sports 

Amazon: $25 CIB $15 cart only
Ebay: $10 cart only

8. Miner 2049er 

Amazon: $15 cart only
Ebay: $40 with box $15

9. Defender 2 

Amazon: $35 CIB $14 cart only
Ebay: $20 CIB $10 cart only

10. Time Pilot 

Amazon: $57 cart only
Ebay: $50 CIB $15 cart only

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