Free Video Game Selling Reports Coming Soon

As I stated in my last blog post eBay’s RSS feeds can be used in countless ways especially when coupled with some knowledge of computer programming. One use I’ve devised is to use RSS completed item searches to build free market research reports by importing the results into a spreadsheet program. What this will allow me to do is create monthly reports on whatever types of items I choose. For the first month I will begin with Gaming Consoles not just the newest but also Classic Consoles as well. While this solution is not fully automated yet it should be pretty simple to complete and publish. The reports will be able to give statistics on the following:

  • The sale through rate of each item – the percent that sold.
  • The average sold price for each item.
  • The amount of competition – how many listings there were.

In addition there will be charts and graphs to clearly show which items did best for each category. I will begin collecting data for the first report in February so be sure to bookmark or follow this blog if you don’t want to miss it. The report will be in PDF form but will not require any sort of email registration. As I get more familiar with how it works and try to automate more of the process more features may be added in the future. However this is just a one man part-time project so keep that in mind. If you need complete ebay market research this probably will not be quite enough.

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