Outright Ebay Accounting Software – Now Free For Ebay Sellers

So I happened on this today while browsing facebook (for real no joke). Outright an online accounting program has announced today that all eBay sellers can use the software for free. They had been planning on charging all customers $9.95 a month but have now decided to throw in a forever free plan (without a few features). The main draw though is still there. This software will automatically import your PayPal Payments, Ebay Listing Fees and even Shipping Charges (if you ship through PayPal). All of this is done online without the need to download or install software. You can easily track your profits or losses and get prepared for your taxes. You can also manually add expenses and income or attache a business bank account. Outright is by far the easiest accounting software for eBay and now it’s free. Sign up with outright+ or the free plan.

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One comment on “Outright Ebay Accounting Software – Now Free For Ebay Sellers
  1. elancep says:

    Thought I would update this post with some recent developments. Outright has now been purchased by GoDaddy.com so far they have not announced any changes to the forever free plan. However, that could change in the future we’ll have to wait and see.

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