eBay Unveils New Updated Logo

Gone are wild, funky and slightly askew letters that made up eBay’s primary logo. According to adage.com eBay is giving it’s logo an update for the first time in years. The four primary colors will stay the same but the font has been changed to a more sleek modern feel and the letters are no longer askew  and misaligned. Overall I’d say they did a pretty good job. It’s not too inventive or risky but clean, bright and simple. While the original logo emphasized that eBay was pretty much a place you could find anything and everything (thus the different shapes and sizes of the letters). The new logo tries to show a more modern, professional side of eBay. Anyway enough talking here’s the new eBay logo:

ebay's new logo

Here it is eBay’s new and improved logo.

This new logo will begin to pop up on eBay’s main site, mobile apps and more starting in October 2012. Tell us what you think of the new logo in the comments section below. Is it a good move by eBay or will it hurt eBay’s image?

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