Easy Ways To Make Money With eBay Without Selling

There is another side to eBay one that most people don’t think about. When you think of making money with eBay the first thing that pops into your head is probably selling items on eBay for profit. There is much more to eBay though than just a venue to sell online. You can make money from eBay without ever listing a product. Here are some easy ways:

  1. Buying on eBay To Sell Local. Instead of buying items locally and flipping them on eBay.  You could just as easily buy items on eBay and sell them locally for a profit. For example many low priced video games don’t sell very well on eBay due to the fact that there is the added cost of shipping. Many sellers get rid of these in lots for fairly low prices. Some of these could be bought and sold locally using classifieds like Craigslist or eBay Classifieds. Without the cost of shipping and fees a nice little profit could easily be made. Of course when dealing locally be sure to take some saftey precautions.
  2. Why not partner with ebay?

    Partner With The Largest eCommerce Site On The Web – Photo By syndramdesigns.com

    Become An eBay Partner. As one of the largest tech companies around eBay has a pretty hefty advertising budget. Where do they spend most of it? Online, and you can get in on it. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. The basic concept is this you create a blog or website. Within that website you place special affiliate ads (HTML links, banners, flash ads) these ads are encoded with a special ID so that if a user clicks one of your ads and makes a purchase you get a percentage or commission from that sale. If you’re still a little confused check out this simple Affiliate Marketing Infographic that should explain it a little better than I just did. If you have an existing website or blog you can apply to be an eBay Partner at www.ebaypartnernetwork.com. However, they only accept hosted sites with their own domain name (and still there is no gurantee you’ll get approved). Blogspot blogs and other free sites are not allowed. If you don’t have website and don’t want the hassle of setting one up there is another easy way to profit from the eBay Partner Network indirectly listed below.

  3. Use Squidoo to Partner With eBay

    Creating Squidoo Lenses Can Be Fun And Profitable

    Join Squidoo.com And Start Publishing Lenses. Another way to take advantage of the power of eBay is by creating lenses on the popular site squidoo.com. The good thing about squidoo is that they already have an affiliate relationship with eBay. When you create a page (or as they call them a lens) you can monetize them with many different options and squidoo will give you 50% of the commission.  One of the best converting options is the eBay module. This is because eBay has pretty much every niche market covered and once someone is browsing on eBay there is a good chance that they will buy something (even if it’s not what they originally clicked on). You can write product reviews, how to guides or even just top ten list of your favorite music, movies or games. You also can make money by referring others to the program so if you do join please use one my links above. Now to be successful it will help to at least know a few basics about how to write a great lens the best resource I’ve found to explain how to do that is the book The Squidoo Sucess Formula. It shows how to choose good niches and keywords, how to build links to your lenses and how to promote them.

  4. eBay Classified Ads Plus Pay-Per-Call. Just like in Affiliate Marketing where you get paid when someone purchases something through a link on your website there is also a way to get paid for referring people to services over the phone. Many services are best sold over the phone so many companies use a Pay-Per-Call scheme. Here is how it works you apply for a companies program once approved you’re assigned with your phone number to refer people to the company. The company tracks your calls from the number coming in and may have many numbers to use for the Pay-Per-Call campaign. You get paid for each valid call (a valid call is defined by the company normally by the time spent on the call). There are many Pay-Per-Call networks but I recommend Commission Junction. What does this have to do with eBay you may be asking? Well eBay is actually a great way to promote these services. Using eBay Classifieds services section you can post free local classifieds ads with your number listed. Being free though you’ll find that many people are doing this and you’ll have to re-list your ad many times to stay on top. Plus the ads are local so if you wanted more calls you would have to post in many more cities that just your own. Another technique then is to create a classified ad listing on eBay itself. This is different from a local classified. These two videos will explain a little bit more on how to use them and set them up.

As shown in the second video not all categories have the option of creating a classified ads so it’s good to review which categories have this option and try to figure out where you’re offer or service would fit best. You can review the categories here.
If you have any other suggestions, questions, or tips on how to implement any of these  just leave a comment in the box below. Thanks.
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