Terapeak Now Integrates With Amazon Sales Data

The Power Of Terapeak Now Brought To Amazon.com

The Power Of Terapeak Now Brought To Amazon.com

According to the good people over at tamebay.com Terapeak today is launching a new service Terapeak For Amazon. Terapeak has long been the top provider of market research analytics for the eBay marketplace. Now they are bringing that same expertise to Amazon.com.  Here’s a look at what they aim to offer Amazon.com sellers:

Terapeak for Amazon will enable online merchants to:

  • Research products in over 35 Amazon categories
  • View list price, offer price, sales rank and historical offers
  • See average, minimum and maximum prices of any product
  • Filter research by “Buy Box” to establish winning price points
  • Filter research by “FBA” to establish the market for Amazon Prime customers
  • Refine search by brand name or merchandise condition
  • Investigate any category regardless of the category they are selling in
  • Discover how and what to sell on multiple marketplaces without the need for a Professional Merchant account
  • Get an immediate market overview, including total offers and merchants in the market space
  • Eliminate app hopping by viewing all of their sales data in one place

The best part about all of this is that it will be added to the regular subscription package at no extra cost. Even if you currently sell on eBay exclusively this information can still be extremely valuable. For many items buyers will compare prices between eBay and Amazon. This is especially true of media items like games. Now you can have a clearer picture of the value of the items you’re selling (or would like to sell).

Terapeak for eBay has long been a critical resource for online sellers. With Terapeak for Amazon.com now on offer as well, sellers that want to be competitive in any e-commerce market will increasingly find Terapeak to be an essential part of their operating strategy.

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