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Terapeak Now Integrates With Amazon Sales Data

According to the good people over at Terapeak today is launching a new service Terapeak For Amazon. Terapeak has long been the top provider of market research analytics for the eBay marketplace. Now they are bringing that same expertise

eBay Advanced RSS Searches No Longer Available?

While researching some items to sell on eBay today I noticed something strange. As I normally do headed over to eBay’s advanced search entered my search term and scrolled down to the bottom to find the orange RSS button. However,

Kabbage Announces Plans To Expand It’s Lending Program

According to Business Week has plans to rapidly expand their business model. Founded in 2011 Kabbage has been working closely with eBay and other eCommerce sellers to provide a new model for financing small business. This new model relies

What The New eBay Fee Structure Means To Your Business

The Real Reason For eBay’s New Fee Structure Much has been made about whether or not eBay’s new fee structure is a fee increase, decrease or neither. This ignores the real reason for the changes which is that eBay wants

Can Drop Shipping On eBay Really Work?

  Drop shipping is a process where you outsource your product holdings and shipping process. Basically, as an eBay seller, you are supposed to buy stock, list it online, sell it, and post it. With drop shipping you need not

Your Favorite And Least Favorite eBay Tools

Over the past couple of years I’ve written about numerous eBay Tools and how to use them to get ahead. Like me you’ve probably found that some tools are so simple and intuitive that you couldn’t imagine selling on eBay

Selling Globally With eBay’s New International Shipping Program

eBay wants to make it easier for sellers to ship internationally. Why? Because it will mean more sales and higher bids. Up until now sellers like you and me pretty much had to figure out all the ins and outs

The Best Online eBay Price Guides And Tools For Video Games

What is competitive pricing? In short competitive pricing is pricing your item such that it’s price is near that of others on the open market.¬† A competitive pricing strategy assures that your items will be either lower priced than your

Easy Ways To Make Money With eBay Without Selling

There is another side to eBay one that most people don’t think about. When you think of making money with eBay the first thing that pops into your head is probably selling items on eBay for profit. There is much

Original Xbox Repair How To Replace The DVD Drive Video

Used consoles bought on eBay often need some repairs. The main issue for the original Xbox is the DVD drive. If you keep getting¬† a “Disc Read Error” than more than likely the DVD drive has gone bad. There are