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Improve Your eBay Listings with Terapeak’s New Listing Optimizer

Terapeak Introduces New Listing Tool to Help Sellers Improve Visibility It is no secret that since eBay implemented it’s new Cassini Search algorithm that many sellers have seen views on their listings plummet. There are ways to improve your this

eBay’s New Defect Rate Policy In Effect August 20th

The Evolution Of Seller Performance On eBay eBay has always tried to find ways to evaluate sellers based on their performance. The first and simplest system was the feedback system which allowed both buyers and sellers to leave feedback for

eBay About Me Pages Replaced By User Profiles

eBay has done it again, taken something that’s not broken and decided to fix it. You may not have noticed that it even happened unless you were trying edit your eBay About Me page. Every time I tried to click

Terapeak Now Integrates With Amazon Sales Data

According to the good people over at Terapeak today is launching a new service Terapeak For Amazon. Terapeak has long been the top provider of market research analytics for the eBay marketplace. Now they are bringing that same expertise

eBay Advanced RSS Searches No Longer Available?

While researching some items to sell on eBay today I noticed something strange. As I normally do headed over to eBay’s advanced search entered my search term and scrolled down to the bottom to find the orange RSS button. However,

Kabbage Announces Plans To Expand It’s Lending Program

According to Business Week has plans to rapidly expand their business model. Founded in 2011 Kabbage has been working closely with eBay and other eCommerce sellers to provide a new model for financing small business. This new model relies

What The New eBay Fee Structure Means To Your Business

The Real Reason For eBay’s New Fee Structure Much has been made about whether or not eBay’s new fee structure is a fee increase, decrease or neither. This ignores the real reason for the changes which is that eBay wants

eBay Unveils New Updated Logo

Gone are wild, funky and slightly askew letters that made up eBay’s primary logo. According to eBay is giving it’s logo an update for the first time in years. The four primary colors will stay the same but the font

AdShip Severes Ties With eBay Sellers

I tried to log into my AdShip account through eBay today and noticed something strange. The application seems to no longer exist on eBay. (For those who are unaware AdShip is an eBay app that pays you for including an

eBay Fall Seller Update: More Changes

  The changes just keep on coming over at eBay. A couple of days ago I looked in my eBay messages and found some new changes coming this fall. As usual some made sense others not so much and some