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What The New eBay Fee Structure Means To Your Business

The Real Reason For eBay’s New Fee Structure Much has been made about whether or not eBay’s new fee structure is a fee increase, decrease or neither. This ignores the real reason for the changes which is that eBay wants

Ebay Fees Explained 2012 – Learn How To Save On Fees

eBay Fees Explained 2011 This is my first PowerPoint to video presentation so go easy on me. It explains exactly how all the eBay fees work together and what you should do to save money. It also touches on the

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How To Buy And Sell Collectible Video Games For Profit

First off we need to understand what factors could make a video game collectible. A collectible game is one that shares a two factors: it has to be relatively rare and it must be desired by collectors. Now many games

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New eBay Price Changes Spring 2010

Anyone who’s been selling on eBay has probably heard that there are some big changes coming. What though will it mean for most sellers? Really it depends on what you sell and what level of seller you are. Let’s break