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Improve Your eBay Listings with Terapeak’s New Listing Optimizer

Terapeak Introduces New Listing Tool to Help Sellers Improve Visibility It is no secret that since eBay implemented it’s new Cassini Search algorithm that many sellers have seen views on their listings plummet. There are ways to improve your this

eBay RSS: Conducting Your Own Market Research With Yahoo Pipes Jquery

  How To Conduct Your Own eBay Market Research To create my eBay Console Sales report I first had to come up with a way to track the sales data from eBay. I thought that it would be simple using

Free Ebay Market Research – Video Game Report Part Three

Video Game Console Selling Report Top Ten Consoles As I stated in the earlier parts of my report here is where we are going give you the top ten consoles as far as average price, sale through rate, and least

Free Ebay Market Research Report – Video Game Consoles Part Two

Video Game Console Selling Report Part Two Here is part two of our Video Game Console Selling Report. It outlines the average sell prices, sell rates and competition on eBay. If you haven’t already make sure you take a look

Free Ebay Market Research Report – Video Game Consoles Part One

Free Video Game Console Selling Report I’ve talked about it, I’ve been working on it for a month. Now it is finally here my report on the sales of video game consoles. Before we get started I’d like to explain

Free Video Game Selling Reports Coming Soon

As I stated in my last blog post eBay’s RSS feeds can be used in countless ways especially when coupled with some knowledge of computer programming. One use I’ve devised is to use RSS completed item searches to build free

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Free Terapeak Keyword Research Tool

I came across this neat little tool on eBay the other day. You simply type in your listing title and it will show all the associated keywords and which ones are most popular. It also shows you the Average Price,

How To Use Market Research To Boost Ebay Auction Sales

eBay Market Research, what is it?   Terapeak is eBay’s Certified Provider of market research. What this means is that they have access to eBay’s vast database of past auction transactions. Information that the average eBay seller is not granted

Collectible Video Games Atari 2600 Rare Price List

This post will serve as a price list and will also include links to search for each game. We have already taken a look at the NES system and today will look at the Atari 2600. In later post we’ll

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Collectible Video Games NES Price List Part One

In my last post we discussed collectible video games and how to buy and sell them for profit. This post will serve as a price list and will also include links to search for each game. For right now we

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