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4 Ways eBay Can Revitalize The Auction Format

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Why Should eBay Care About Auctions? In short, eBay needs to care about the auction format because that is what sets them apart from the growing list of ecommerce platforms. While some sellers may see no value in auctions the

AdShip Severes Ties With eBay Sellers

I tried to log into my AdShip account through eBay today and noticed something strange. The application seems to no longer exist on eBay. (For those who are unaware AdShip is an eBay app that pays you for including an

eBay Fall Seller Update: More Changes

  The changes just keep on coming over at eBay. A couple of days ago I looked in my eBay messages and found some new changes coming this fall. As usual some made sense others not so much and some

eBay Flags Items With High Handling Times

eBay announced Monday that starting in September items listed with a a handling time of more than three days will get an extra icon to alert buyers. The extra icon: a big orange flag to let buyers know that the

eBay Announces It Will Extend Media Seller Discount Once Again

Today eBay announced that they would be extending the media BIN now disount. Which is good news for media sellers and an overdue move by eBay. The media discount allows media such as Video Games, CDs, DVDs and Books to

My Ebay Suggestion Box – Your Suggestions Needed

My Ebay Suggestions An interesting idea came to me the other day while reading a blog post concerning eBay’s new return center for customers. It seems eBay is always looking at what has worked for other large internet companies (amazon)

Ebay Spring Seller Update 2012 – Good Ideas, Bad Ideas

Checked in with eBay to today and was surprised to see that the spring seller update for 2012 is already here. I was happy to see that there was no major fee restructuring although they did throw in a sneaky

Is eBay turning in to

With all the changes coming to eBay lately I’m starting to think that they are trying to imitate For example now has very strict standards for sellers and those who fall behind get booted. In fact now you

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New eBay Price Changes Spring 2010

Anyone who’s been selling on eBay has probably heard that there are some big changes coming. What though will it mean for most sellers? Really it depends on what you sell and what level of seller you are. Let’s break