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How To Sell Video Game Wholesale Lots on eBay (Tips and Tricks)

Tips and tricks to help you maximize the value of your video game lots on eBay. Sell games like the pros do and earn extra cash.

Unexpected Places To Sell Games Online

Unexpected Places To Sell Video Games Online

    For the longest time the answer to the question “Where should I sell my games?” has been “eBay, of course!” but with more and more options out there some unexpected sites could prove worthwhile.  While none of these

Improve Your eBay Listings with Terapeak’s New Listing Optimizer

Terapeak Introduces New Listing Tool to Help Sellers Improve Visibility It is no secret that since eBay implemented it’s new Cassini Search algorithm that many sellers have seen views on their listings plummet. There are ways to improve your this

Can You Sell Downloadable Game Content On eBay?


The future of gaming may indeed be digital delivery. While Blu-ray is still the most popular choice for console gaming publishers prefer digital downloads. Digital downloads allow publishers to keep a game fresh longer with extra downloadable content like maps,

Can Drop Shipping On eBay Really Work?

  Drop shipping is a process where you outsource your product holdings and shipping process. Basically, as an eBay seller, you are supposed to buy stock, list it online, sell it, and post it. With drop shipping you need not

The Best Online eBay Price Guides And Tools For Video Games

What is competitive pricing? In short competitive pricing is pricing your item such that it’s price is near that of others on the open market.  A competitive pricing strategy assures that your items will be either lower priced than your

Top 5 Tips To Stand Out As An eBay Video Game Seller

Standing out on eBay is a tough proposition considering the countless other sellers offering comparable items. Buyers tend to think less in terms of buying from a particular seller and more in terms of buying “from eBay”.  If you want

Reselling Video Game Consoles On Ebay – A Guide

Reselling old consoles can be fun and profitable.

Reselling Video Game Consoles On Ebay – A Guide Buying and reselling used video game consoles on eBay may at first glance seem like an easy proposition. You just have to find those auctions that aren’t selling well for some

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Ebay Fees Explained 2012 – Learn How To Save On Fees

eBay Fees Explained 2011 This is my first PowerPoint to video presentation so go easy on me. It explains exactly how all the eBay fees work together and what you should do to save money. It also touches on the

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How To Create Effective Video Game Listings For Ebay- 5 Tips & Tricks

On Ebay you only have one way to really sell your items in this case video games. You have to convince a buyer with your Ebay listing, but what encourages people to buy? Here are some simple tips to help

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