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eBay Selling Tips: Playstation PS2 Laser Lens Adjusting And Replacing Videos

Common Problems With The Playstation 2 Console The Playstation 2 system was incredibly popular you can find plenty to buy and resell on eBay. However you’re bound to come across some that need to be fixed. The main problem that

Original Xbox Repair How To Replace The DVD Drive Video

Used consoles bought on eBay often need some repairs. The main issue for the original Xbox is the DVD drive. If you keep getting  a “Disc Read Error” than more than likely the DVD drive has gone bad. There are

eBay Selling Tips: Shining Up Old Sega Brand Video Game Consoles

On eBay a nice clean shiny item will get more clicks and more bids than a dusty old looking one. So when I saw this video on youtube I decided to pass it on. It shows a surprisingly simple way to shine up

Nintendo NES Complete Restoration Part Three: Reassembly Video

Putting It All Back Together Again In part one of this series we disassembled our Nintendo NES. In part two we cleaned it out and fixed the 72 Pin connector. Now in part three we will simply be putting everything

Nintendo NES Complete Restoration Part Two: Cleaning and Repairs Video

Part Two Cleaning & Repairs In our previous video we looked at how to completely disassemble the Nintendo NES. In this next part  we are going to clean the system inside and out. Also, we will remove the  72 pin

Super NES How To Fix Yellowing And Discoloration

Found this video on where someone shows how to get rid of the discoloration and yellowing on a SNES. Even though it’s a SNES the technique should work just as well on other yellowed consoles. It uses some pretty

Nintendo NES Complete Restoration Part One: Disassembly Video

  What is a complete restoration?   Many times when buying used Nintendo NES consoles from eBay they will need quite a bit of work. When I say a complete restoration I mean taking an old dirty non-functioning console and

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Reselling Video Game Consoles On Ebay – A Guide

Reselling old consoles can be fun and profitable.

Reselling Video Game Consoles On Ebay – A Guide Buying and reselling used video game consoles on eBay may at first glance seem like an easy proposition. You just have to find those auctions that aren’t selling well for some

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Video Game Repair: How To Clean Game Cartridges NES, N64, SNES

How To Clean Game Cartridges Those great classic NES, SNES and Atari games we all love so much are getting pretty old. Most are over twenty years old and many weren’t too well taken care of by their original owners.

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How To Install A New 72 Pin Connector Nintendo NES Repair

So you’ve found yourself a classic Nintendo NES in great condition only to find that none of your games will load. You try and try and you clean the games over and over but that little red light just keeps

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