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eBay Listing Tools

eBay’s Turbo Lister 2.0
Turbo Lister is the default solution to bulk listing as provided by eBay. The spreadsheet style is easy enough to figure out without a manual or any guidance. However,  the problem with this software is that many times uploading listings to eBay fails for some reason or another, leaving you waiting for an update to fix the issue. This can be especially frustrating if you’re planning on uploading a large quantity of items at once.
eBay File Exchange System
A simple file exchange system can also be useful. eBay  system works by allowing you to download CSV templates edit them and upload them again to eBay. This can be quite useful especially if you sell on many different sites. You can download your eBay inventory and copy and paste to another site’s template like Amazon. It also good if you want to keep a master spreadsheet of all your inventory. The downside is it can take quite some time to learn how to deal with and edit these files.
Auctiva Listing Tools
Auctiva.com offers quick listing tools, templates, photo hosting and their ever popular scrolling gallery. Depending on how many items you list a month prices range from $3.95 – $19.95
Blackthorne eBay
Blackthorne is a desktop application that takes you from listing to tracking your item and communicating with buyers. There are two editions of this software the Basic version at $9.99 a month and Blackthorne Pro at $24.99.

eBay Market Research Tools

Terapeak Title Builder
Enter the keywords from your title and see what other titles  with similar keywords have sold at what price. A great FREE tool to help get the most value out of your title. Also, can help with determining the value of your item (you must be specific with your keywords).
Price Charting
This FREE site is great if you sell games or movies as it tracks real time data from eBay and combines it with pricing data from Amazon and Half.com.
eBay Market Analyzer
eBay Market Analyzer is a great new free app for eBay that searches past listings and displays how many items sold and for how much. Again you have to be specific and you should probably sort by items sold. The more items sold at a certain price the more reliable that pricing information is going to be. It will also show you which items were most watched which can show how much interest there was in an item.
eBay Market Research by Terapeak
As great as the free tools above are there is no one that they can give you the complete picture of how to optimize your listings to sell, choose a niche or stay ahead of buyer trends for that you’ll need a full service market research solution. Get a 7 Day FREE TRIAL.

eBay Financial Tools

Outright FREE
Tired of manually entering your sales and fees from eBay into an accounting program? Outright is an automated solution that imports all your important data so you can focus on selling products.
Outright Plus
Outright Plus has all the great features of the free edition plus the ability to easily get prepared for tax time. It calculates state sales tax, estimated quarterly income tax and fills out your Schedule C tax form.
Shoeboxed.com is a tool that allows you to easily archive all of your paper receipts and files digitally. Easily get organized and say goodbye to old fashioned filing systems.
Credit Card Processing
With a merchant credit card account you can give your eBay buyers the option to pay directly with their credit card. This has many benefits the first being that you can bypass the PayPal dispute resolution process. Plus it’s free to setup and get started.
Kabbage Funding
Kabbage.com provides small eCommerce businesses with funding based on their online sales record. Get 10,000 in less than 7 minutes!

eBay Buying Tools

Auction Sniper by Auctiva
This is one of the more official and reliable sniping platforms out there. Brought to you by the folks over at Auctiva. However, it is not free you must pay 1% of each winning snipe.
Typo Hound
Typo Hound allows you to enter an eBay search and it will automatically create a list of common misspellings. This can help you find misspelled auctions that may go unnoticed and thus help you get a lower price.
JBidwatcher is a FREE java based desktop application for following and bidding on eBay auctions. The main difference between this and Auction Sniper is that you must have your computer on and the program logged in to snipe.
A free online eBay sniping tool. Seems to work reliably enough and many people swear by it. However, since it doesn’t run on the eBay API it requires that you give your eBay Username and Password and some may be uncomfortable with that info being out there on a server somewhere.

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The Very Best eBay Tools

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