How To Sell Video Game Wholesale Lots on eBay (Tips and Tricks)

Tips and tricks to help you maximize the value of your video game lots on eBay. Sell games like the pros do and earn extra cash.

4 Ways eBay Can Revitalize The Auction Format

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Why Should eBay Care About Auctions? In short, eBay needs to care about the auction format because that is what sets them apart from the growing list of ecommerce platforms. While some sellers may see no value in auctions the

Unexpected Places To Sell Games Online

Unexpected Places To Sell Video Games Online

    For the longest time the answer to the question “Where should I sell my games?” has been “eBay, of course!” but with more and more options out there some unexpected sites could prove worthwhile.  While none of these

Improve Your eBay Listings with Terapeak’s New Listing Optimizer

Terapeak Introduces New Listing Tool to Help Sellers Improve Visibility It is no secret that since eBay implemented it’s new Cassini Search algorithm that many sellers have seen views on their listings plummet. There are ways to improve your this

eBay’s New Defect Rate Policy In Effect August 20th

The Evolution Of Seller Performance On eBay eBay has always tried to find ways to evaluate sellers based on their performance. The first and simplest system was the feedback system which allowed both buyers and sellers to leave feedback for

Can You Sell Downloadable Game Content On eBay?


The future of gaming may indeed be digital delivery. While Blu-ray is still the most popular choice for console gaming publishers prefer digital downloads. Digital downloads allow publishers to keep a game fresh longer with extra downloadable content like maps,

eBay About Me Pages Replaced By User Profiles

eBay has done it again, taken something that’s not broken and decided to fix it. You may not have noticed that it even happened unless you were trying edit your eBay About Me page. Every time I tried to click

Beyond eBay How To Start An eCommerce Site Easily

Venturing Into The World Of eCommerce I’ve been both a buyer and a seller on eBay for many years and it really is a great venue online. However, you can not get around the fact that as an eBay seller

Top 7 Rarest Video Games, What Do They Cost?

When most people think about a video game, they often think of something that is generally under $60.  Sure, while most newer games for the Xbox and Playstation retail for this amount, there are used games that can cost even less.  However,

How To Build A Buyer E-Mail List From eBay And PayPal

Ever wanted to build an e-mail list out of all the buyers you’ve had on eBay over the years? Sounds fantastic right? The only problem is that eBay doesn’t permit you to do any external e-mail marketing through their system.