eBay Market Research: Learn What To Sell & When With Terapeak

What can eBay Market Research do for you?

You Need Market Research

Knowledge is power, yet the average eBay user is given very little information as to what is selling on eBay and what is not. Most sellers rely on their instincts or try to use the information freely available from eBay. They may take hours painstakingly reviewing completed item searches.  In the end they may stumble upon a somewhat profitable niche and make a decent profit for a while. Others burn out and give up on making any money on eBay altogether.  With Market Research by Terapeak you have the advantage over the average seller because you have information they don’t, information that could prove very valuable. Terapeak is eBay’s official provider of Market Research which means that they have access to eBay’s vast database of transactions.  With this information at your fingertips you’ll never have to guess at what is selling online. Never miss an opportunity within your niche. Never load up on inventory that is not going to sell. You’ll stay ahead of the trends and have a key advantage over your competition.

Know What To Sell On eBay

The biggest problem most eBayers face is finding that perfect niche or product to start selling right away.  With Terapeak you’ll have all the information you need to choose a profitable niche.  Use the Hot Category Report to easily find categories that are quickly growing. Then you can step up and fill that void. Hot Searches gives you valuable information about what eBay users are actually searching for on eBay. This information is so valuable because you can then find items which people are searching for but aren’t finding on eBay. If you sell media items the Hot Media report will show you the best selling DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Books.

Know When To Sell On eBay

With Terapeak you’ll easily know the best time of the year to sell your product and the best time to load up on inventory.  With the Category Trends  Report you can look back at up to two years of sales trends for your niche. This allows you to see when sales, prices and sell through rates are high and when they are low so you can plan accordingly. For example it’s widely known that toys and games sell better during winter than in the summer. Some trends though may be more subtle and hard to see. You can also look at trends for individual products going back as far as ninety days. Beyond that you can determine the best time list your item for the optimal chance of getting a sale. Most sellers believe that an auction needs to end on a Saturday or Sunday to have the best chance of selling. Research shows though that this is simply not the case.

Know Your Competition

Terapeak’s Seller Report makes it simple to get a quick profile of any seller on ebay. See their sell through rate, mix of listing types and average price. You can use this report to measure your success against that of other sellers in your niche. You can also see other sellers selling strategies and what is working for them. The Top Title report will show you the top-selling items from any eBay seller. You can also see the selling trend for a seller for the past 90 days. See which sellers are on the rise and which are on the decline. These features are important because one of the best ways to improve your business is to implement strategies that are already working for others. With eBay Market Research you can easily see which strategies are working for others and essentially copy them for your own business.

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