Customize Your Classic Game Console- NES, SNES, N64 NINTENDO

Customize Your Classic Game Console
Classic video games are more popular now than ever before. Many people are collecting vintage games and consoles. The NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis etc all had great games that were fun and easy to learn how to play. If your like me though you find that many of the consoles haven't aged very well the plastic seems to yellow and sometimes there are marks you just can't get rid of no matter how hard you clean the system. Even if you can find a system in great condition you may find that you want your system to be more unique or that the original design of some consoles is now very outdated. Let's face the facts, the NES was quite possibly the best console but it looks quite similar to a VCR or 8-track player, very uncool. What can be done? Redesign the whole thing by repainting the console however you wish. Sound complicated? It just takes the right tools a little imagination and some practice.
Tools Needed

Before you get started you'll need to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done. The first thing you'll definetly need is a good screw driver set for the NES, Sega Genesis and other older systems you just need a good magnetized medium Philips head screw driver and maybe a smaller one if you plan on also customizing your controllers. If you want to open up a SNES or N64 you will need a special screw driver called a security bit or gamebit. You can find them on eBay for about $10. For some newer systems you may need what is called a Torx bit screw driver (Xbox, PS2). You'll will also need some painters tape, a good razor, dish soap, a rag, paint thinner and some high quality spray paint specifically designed for plastics. If you use a paint that is not designed for plastics then it will wash off very easily and will not bond to the plastic well (don't make the same mistakes I did). You will also need some cardboard, a painters mask and gloves.

Now before you start painting you want to have a design in mind. What your design is and what you like is of course totally up to you but I find that some of the best designs work within the original design of console. I like to think of what colors I can paint the different parts of the console and what it will then look like when I put it back together. You also have to remember that when first beginning you don't want to try something overly complicated start with a simple design and work your way up to more complicated designs.
How To Do It
Once you have your design clearly in mind it's time to get to work. Use whatever screw driver applies to your console and open up the case. Now depending on the system your working with this process is going to be a little different but you want to start unscrewing and taking out all the insides until you have an empty case. Be sure to remember how to put it back together and put the screws in a safe place. Most older systems are quite simple in design and putting it back together shouldn't be too difficult. Use a little dish soap and water to clean the case inside and out. Be gentle older plastic sometimes breaks easily. Dry with a rag and then let dry a little on it's own. Now that you have empty case use the painters tape to cover anything you don't want painted (I like to cover the rubber pads and all the stickers that originally came with the system). Cut off any excess tape using the razor this will help it to be more exact. For painting you will need a few feet space I suggest using a garage or driveway. Lay down the cardboard and put all the pieces you want the same color down. Put on the gloves and mask. Try to keep the spray can about one foot away from what you are painting always keep the spray can moving side to side otherwise it will come out uneven. If you make a mistake you can use the paint thinner and an old rag to clean off the paint and try again. After a few tries though you should get the hang of it. If you do a thorough job it shouldn't take more than two coats. refer to the paint can to see how long to wait between coats. After the second coat I always let them dry overnight just to be sure the paint is really well bonded. Once the paint is dry reassemble all the parts and put the case back together. Take a good look at your work and test out your new customized classic console. I will be updating this guide later with pictures from a NES I am working on. So check back soon.

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