How To Sell Video Game Wholesale Lots on eBay (Tips and Tricks)

left-sidebar If you browse eBay's video game section as of late you'll notice that most of the top sellers are selling retro games in wholesale lots. Why? Because listing one game at a time is time consuming, especially for lower priced games, it is often not worth the time or hassle. The other reason is that eBay has prioritized listings with free shipping over those with calculated shipping or shipping rules. This makes it harder to sell games individually as most buyers are looking to save money with combined shipping. So, switching to wholesale game lots makes sense, the question is how do you maximize sales and profits?

selling video game lots on ebay for profit
Tips and tricks to sell game lots on eBay

  • Organize games by sale price and rarity. Using tools like and you can sort out games by their popularity, sale price, and rarity. Collectible games with high value should be sold on their own to maximize their value. However, popular games that aren't really rare or in collectible condition can be added to your lots. You need these games in the lots to give people a reason to buy. A lot filled with common and unwanted games isn't going to sell.
  • Size your lots for easy shipping. When deciding how many games to put in each lot it is essential to take into account shipping costs. If shipping USPS it is helpful to use flat rate priority shipping boxes or padded envelopes. This makes it easy to calculate shipping and work the cost into the final buy it now.
  • Use a pick'em wholesale lot. Another tactic that can be use is the so called "pick'em" lot. What you do is organize your games as stated before and then take a picture of all the games in one category. You list as a lot of 5 or 10 and tell the buyer to choose from the games listed. In the past eBay frowned on this practice because it if someone looks at the picture they'll think they are buying all the games. It seems they are allowing it again, as long as you're extra clear that they aren't purchasing all the games listed.
  • Add games to your console lots. By adding games to your console lots you can charge more and increase the sell through rate. When buying game consoles people like to have everything at once to begin playing right away. Game consoles without games, controllers, or AV hookups are mostly bought by re-sellers looking to make a profit. those kind of buyers do not want to pay full price for anything.
  • Sweeten the deal with a bonus. A digital bonus can be a great way to stand out among all the over video game sellers on eBay. Of course you want to be sure that you have the rights to anything you give away. Some ideas are PDF game guides and walkthroughs, freeware PC games, or stickers/artwork.

Of course before you can sell wholesale lots you have to buy some games to sell. Luckily, there are ways to get games on eBay that you can resell. It is not as easy as it was in that past but it is still possible. Got any of your own tips? leave them in the comment section below.

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