Tips For Buying Wholesale Video Game Lots On eBay

Whether you are looking to resell classic games or newer games such PS2, PS3, Xbox or Wii there are a few simple tips to help make your wholesale eBay video game shopping profitable.

Tip #1 Know the average sell price for games from different systems. For example if you were looking for large Nintendo NES lots then you should know the average price for games for NES. Make sure you don't bid so much that you no longer have any profits. By going to the advanced search function within eBay and clicking the "Completed Items" option you can look up auctions that have ended and see which items sold and for how much.

Tip #2 Look for small to medium sized lots usually the quality is much better. The lots with thousands of items will attract a lot of attention and probably end up being overpriced junk leftovers. In my experience the sellers with huge lots tend to target those new to selling on eBay who are looking to buy lots of inventory at once.

Tip #3 Look at the seller's profile. See if they themselves are Video Game sellers if so their lots are probably leftover inventory they couldn't sell. Unless you have a different selling strategy then stay very far away. The person you're most likely to get a deal from is an average person selling his gaming collection for some quick cash.

Tip #4 Look for quality titles. They don't all have to be rare titles but they are some you should stay away from. The main one is sports titles, face it no one wants to play Madden 93 anymore. Why would they when there are so many better football games available? Also, stay away from games based on movies most of these are terrible with a few exceptions.

Tip #5 Look for sellers with Best Offer enabled. even if there Buy It Now is high many times you can negotiate a price that will make both of you happy. Remember wholesalers can not expect to get full price for their lots and you as a reseller will have to pay more in shipping and eBay fees than a wholesaler when negotiating don't be scared to low ball a price. The worst thing they can do is reject it and leave a nasty message and who knows you may get a steal.

Tip #6 Look for bad descriptions. Sometimes a lot will get passed over because the seller hasn't described the lot very well. You can look for these kind of lots and simply send an email with whatever questions you may have. Another example is when a seller doesn't describe what games are in the lot but simply takes a picture of all of them. Many buyers will not bid because they won't take the time to look at each game pictured leaving you with a bargain.

Well, those are some of my tips for finding good wholesale deals on video game lots. Hope this helps.

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