How To Create Effective Video Game Listings For Ebay- 5 Tips & Tricks

On Ebay you only have one way to really sell your items in this case video games. You have to convince a buyer with your Ebay listing, but what encourages people to buy? Here are some simple tips to help you sell more effectively.

1. State All Important Info In The Description.

Ebay now has tabs where buyers can find shipping information, your return policy & more. You should still put this info clearly in your description. If not, buyers may check your listing and not see the info they need and click elsewhere. Leaving you without a sale. Also you don't want it to sound like a lawyer wrote it but keep a friendly tone.

2. Try To Take Pictures When Needed.

So when is a picture needed? When a game has collectible value or is a classic title you should take a picture. Many buyers of these categories want a game that looks nice and clean with no marks or damage. Even if you don't have a picture you want describe these three parts of the game: box/case, manual, disc/cartridge. This will give buyers a good idea of what they are getting.

3. Price The Item Competitively.

Go to advanced search and search for the item you are about to sell. Select the option for completed items only. Look at only the items in green those are the items that sold. Price your item at about what the others have sold at. If you see nothing but red items that means that item will take a long time to sell or you may want to sell as part of a lot instead.

4. Sell More, Get More Exposure.

The more items you have up at once the more of a presence you create for yourself on Ebay. Make sure you always create a link in your description to your other items. If you also combine shipping this will encourage more sales once someone finds one of your listings. Each listing should also be considered an ad for your other listings.

5. Mix Up The Format

Some buyers like fix price listings and these will normally get a higher price. However, you will also wait longer to make the sale. So every once in while mix it up and have a big auction of a lot of items with low starting prices. This encourages more people to watch your auctions and hopefully bid.

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