How To Install A New 72 Pin Connector Nintendo NES Repair

So you've found yourself a classic Nintendo NES in great condition only to find that none of your games will load. You try and try and you clean the games over and over but that little red light just keeps blinking back at you. The problem is most likely the 72 pin connector inside the NES system. The 72 Pin connector is what reads the information from the Nintendo cartridges. Because of a design flaw the Pins on the connector get bent out of shape over time and will no longer read the cartridges. This is an easy fix though all you need to do is replace the existing 72 Pin connector with another one. They are pretty cheap and you can find one here: NES 72 Pin Connector they are only about $5 dollars. Now that you have your new part lets install it:

Step #1: Opening Up The Nintendo NES Case

This is the easiest part of the process. All you need is a medium sized Phillips Head Screwdriver. Turn over the NES and take out all six screws on the bottom.

The Bottom Screws On A NES:
Bottom of Nintendo NES


 After you unscrew it you should be left with two parts:
Nintendo NES Top Removed

Step #2: Getting To The 72 Pin Connector

Now to get to the 72 Pin Connector you'll have to remove the metal casing from the bottom half of the NES. It should be easy it's just another six screws that hold it in. Once that is off you should see the plastic tray that holds the cartridges. It looks like this:
Nintendo NES Inside

You'll have to remove the plastic tray to get the old 72 Pin Connector off. So unscrew the two screws holding the circuit board in the NES. Lift up the circuit board and slide the plastic tray off of the board. Now you can get to 72 Pin Connector.

Step #3 Removing And Replacing The Old Connector

The last step is easy simply remove the old connector from the board and replace it with the new one. Make sure that the connector is on straight and fully connected to the circuit board.

Final Step: Putting It Back Together Again

 The last step in any project like this is to put everything back together. So first slide the plastic cartridge tray back onto the board. Then reattach the board to the NES casing. Then screw the metal casing back on and finally put the platic casing back together again. Note: sometimes it is good to test the system before putting everything back together just in case something has gone wrong.

Now you should have a nice working Nintendo NES like this:
Nintendo NES Complete


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  1. I once bought a new 72 pin connector for my nes. But when I replaced it and put it back together it still has the blinking problem and its hard to get games in and out cause there snugged in there really good. please contact me if you need more information.

  2. Oh, that can happen sometimes with the replacement connectors. What I like to do is leave a game in there for a day or two to see if it will loosen up a bit. Sometimes the 72 pin replacement pin is just defective, in that case try to get your money back or a replacement sent out.


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