Getting Started On Ebay: Creating An Ebay and PayPal Account

I thought I would write a how to for the absolute beginners out there just getting started on Ebay. I realized though that it has been so long since I set up my account that I hardly can recall the details. So instead I found these two informative tutorials that I would like to share.

I would like to add that when registering for PayPal you have the option of linking your bank account or adding a PayPal Credit Card. I suggest that if you are going to be selling over $500 dollars a month that you go ahead and either link a bank account (if you have a business account) or if you don't have a business account apply for the PayPal Credit Card. This will protect your PayPal account from being frozen which can happen if you have one too many policy violations or buyer disputes. This could leave you in the position of having to ship orders without the money in you PayPal account that you would normally use for postage. Ebay does this in an effort to stop fraudulent sellers however in can be a huge incovenience.

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