Free Ebay Market Research Report - Video Game Consoles Part Two

Video Game Console Selling Report Part Two

Here is part two of our Video Game Console Selling Report. It outlines the average sell prices, sell rates and competition on eBay. If you haven't already make sure you take a look at Video Game Consoles Part One.

Atari  Consoles Report

Atari was one of the first true video game consoles dedicated  just to gaming. The Atari 2600 was very popular until the declining quality of the games eventually doomed it. Let's look at some of the stats

The average sale price for the Atari 2600 can be a bit misleading as most systems that sold were packaged with games. The Jaguar which was Atari's 64 bit console was a complete failure at the time it was released but now seems to be quite a collector's item. Most of these are just the console by themselves as well without any games or lots of accessories.

If we look at the competition we see that the Jaguar and Atari 7800 would be considered true collectible while the 2600 is pretty common. However, the 2600 still has a good sale through rate. Remember though that the many 2600 consoles may sell more because of the games that are included.

Misc. Consoles Report

These consoles really don't fit in with any other brands or categories so that's why they are listed as miscellaneous. As you can see though some of these are quite rare and fetch top dollar. The Turbo Grafx 16 and Turbo Duo were both produced by NEC. The latter was one of the first game consoles to incorporate a CD-ROM. Ultimately the consoles just didn't have enough games to really compete with the NES and Sega Genesis. The 3DO was a highly advanced CD-ROM based gaming system that ultimately failed due to an astronomical retail price. Some may also remember that 3DO later went on to produce games for the very successful PS1.   


All of these are big winners and really true collectibles except for the Intellivision which has a pretty low AVG price and a mediocre sale through rate.

The NEC Turbo brand consoles are really hard to come by and sell for top dollar. The 3DO while having more listings is still pretty high in demand with a high sell through rate. The Intellivision is the least rare of the three and also the least desired with only over half the units selling. From looking on eBay you can tell that the Intellivisions that are selling are those that also come bundled with games. Meaning more than likely that it is the games that are desired more than the system itself.

Microsoft and Sony Consoles Report

Let's have a look at the past consoles for Microsoft and Sony these are their older systems the newer PS3 and Xbox 360 were covered in part one of this report.


Not many surprises here the Xbox still gets the highest AVG price while the PS2 has the highest sale through rate. It is odd that the PS1 would have such a high AVG price considering that it has been made obsolete by the PS2 and PS3. Maybe it is becoming a collector's item as more and more of them fall victim to CD-ROM malfunctions.  

*This is just part two of my three part report. Next time we'll look at the top ten in terms of Average Price, Sale Through Rate, and Least Competition. This research was conducted on a small scale using random samples and is limited in what it can tell you about specific listings. To learn what else is possible read our article on Ebay Market Research. And don't forget to follow us or better yet subscribe to our newsletter using the sign up form on the right. That way you'll be sure to receive our reports each month. Next month's report will be on Video Games for Consoles. So stay tuned.*

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