AdShip Severes Ties With eBay Sellers

I tried to log into my AdShip account through eBay today and noticed something strange. The application seems to no longer exist on eBay. (For those who are unaware AdShip is an eBay app that pays you for including an ad in your invoices to buyers.)  Thinking it was a technical glitch of some sort I decided to head directly to the AdShip home page.  However, there is now no longer anyway to log in only to register which is strange. Then I found it:



To our eBay users, we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion we may have caused you by the recent removal of the AdShip app on eBay. After extensive review, it has been decided that this app no longer aligned with our goal of best servicing our retailers and advertisers. It is our intention to honor payments for those vendors that did comply with our terms of use regarding actual placement of our advertiser’s ads on the invoices for the products vendors sent to their respective customers. To further assist you with any questions regarding your account, please send an email request for the funds in your account to Include your name and eBay ID. Upon receipt, your account will be reviewed to verify that the packing slip with the ad was included with the customer shipment to earn the ad commission based upon the insert. Due to the high volume of users, we do ask for a 14 days window to review your account. Once the account has been reviewed and ad invoice inclusion has been verified, an email will be sent to you about how your payment will be processed.


My Thoughts

It seems AdShip's model of advertising ran into a major glitch and now they want to skip out on paying what they owe. The way the system was set up AdShip would notify the buyer when an item was shipped via an email with an embedded advertisement. The seller was then obligated to include an invoice with the package that had the same advertisement. However, AdShip's system couldn't ever really guarantee that the buyer would get the invoice. The honor system came into play on that portion of the deal. Many sellers probably did include the required invoice. Some sellers who never include invoices though may have skipped this step knowing that AdShip had no way of enforcing it. At some point advertisers must have come to the realization that they weren't getting everything they were promised. Instead of owning up to their mistakes and the flaws in their system AdShip decided to go another route and just shut up shop entirely. Now they are forcing eBay sellers to go through some screening process to get funds for transactions that were already verified by AdShip. This is a huge mistake as eBay sellers really liked this service and ads were still getting through (through email at least). A better solution would be to upgrade the software to track when the invoices are printed before verifying a transaction.  Everyone loses with the way they are handling this eBay sellers lose a service that helps lowers cost and AdShip loses credibility and trust with the businesses they need to make their advertising model work.

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  1. still waiting on the $129.88 they owe me

  2. It's a real shame the way that they treated customers leaving sellers holding the bag. That's no way to do business, maybe in the short term they win but in the long run they'll lose all credibility. I see from their home page that they are still integrated with channel advisor and endicia shipping so I guess eBay sellers who subscribe to those are still okay to use the service but not others. Perhaps those systems have a better way of verifying if a invoice was actually printed. Still the flaws in the system were AdShip's fault not the sellers.

  3. AdShip is a scam. After sending thousands of advertising in packages using AdShip on eBay, I along with several other eBayers never got paid. AdShip promised to pay if they could very invoices, which was a joke as they ALSO emailed these ads to your customers. After proving that my customer received the add, Adship agreed to pay me the $724.00 they owed me within 12 months. It has been 11 months, I have yet to see $0.01. STAY AWAY FROM ADSHIP. IT IS SCAM. THEY ARE CHEATS and LIARS. DON'T WASTE TIME OR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE!


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