RSS For eBay Sellers: Publishing To Twitter and Embedding With JavaScript Videos

eBay RSS: Publishing Your Feed To Twitterfeed

Why use twitterfeed?

Many sellers publish their selling feeds to twitter and facebook directly from eBay. This is fine and can be useful but there are a few features that eBay doesn't provide that twitterfeed does:

  1. Get stats on which of your links from twitter have been clicked and how many times

  2. Prefix your listings with hashtags for greater visibility

  3. Filter listings based on keywords in the title

  4. Options for how to sort listings

How To Publish Your eBay Selling Feed To Twitter Video


How To Embed Your Selling Feed In A Blog With JavaScript Video

It can useful to display your eBay RSS selling feed on your wordpress or blogger blog. The following video will show you how. Here are the main steps

  1. Go to one of your listings and click on your name

  2. From the eBay My World  page click "view all items"

  3. Scroll to the bottom and find the RSS button

  4. Copy the RSS URL

  5. Got to

  6. Paste your RSS URL  

  7. Fill out the appropriate options

  8. Click "generate code"

  9. Copy and paste it into your page or post



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