Unexpected Places To Sell Games Online

unexpected places to sell games online

For the longest time the answer to the question "Where should I sell my games?" has been "eBay, of course!" but with more and more options out there some unexpected sites could prove worthwhile.  While none of these sites will have the traffic of an eBay or Amazon they also won't have the same level of competition. Different tactics will have to be used to make these sites work for you than just throwing up a listing like on eBay.

Go Where The Collectors Are Already

Where do game collectors hang out online? That old forgotten platform from another era, the internet message board. That's right anybody who's hardcore into game collecting will be found on a forum of some sort. The great news is that many of these sites have whole subsections dedicated to trading and selling collectible games. The not so great news is that newcomers are often looked upon with suspicion, especially if they show up and immediately start hawking their games. Think of a forum as a community, until you're welcomed into the community, it is unlikely anyone there will want to do business with you. So you should take things slow and show them that you're one of them not just there to make a quick buck. Some of my favorite forums to sell at are retrocollect.com, racketboy.com, and gametz.com.

Another place where collectors can be found are on video game pricing sites. Because of this some of them have recently launched their own sections for trading games. These can be great places to sell games especially if they are in collectible condition.  My favorite of these sites is the PriceCharting.com Marketplace it is free to list with no final value fees.

Get Out There And Be Social

Social media sites have always been great for promoting a eCommerce store to a target audience. In the past, there was always the problem of getting the audience off of social media and onto your site to buy. That problem is now a thing of the past. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have all announced that they will be creating ways for people to buy directly from their sites. Part of this is that they don't wish people to leave their sites to go shop. They may also reason that this will decrease spammers and affiliate marketers on their sites. This is great opportunity to increase conversions and sales. Imagine people being able to add items to their cart and checkout directly from your Facebook Fanpage. Shopify.com has really taken the lead in this area. While some free apps promise to create a Facebook store, shopify has created a fully integrated solution. It is very simple to add a shopify store to a Facebook Fanpage, a step by step guide can be found here.

The Forgotten Sites That Still Work

Besides the sites above there some older sites that are decreasing in popularity but are still worthwhile to list on.  The first of these is half.com, although it is technically an eBay company, that doesn't mean there aren't some benefits to listing on this site. For one thing there are no listing fees so you can list some your less desirable games on half.com without worrying about them eating up any profits. The listing process is also simpler and doesn't require taking any photos. You could even upload thousands of games using a CSV file. The only caution is that half.com takes their condition requirements very seriously. Even if a cartridge is in great condition, if there is no box or manual, it will be considered in "good" condition at best.

Another option is iOffer.com this site is very much like half.com and even allows you to import  items directly from eBay. This great for those leftover items that just aren't selling through fast enough on eBay. The site does get a bad rep for some of the scammers on there but unless you're selling high ticket items it shouldn't be an issue. Fees are lower than on eBay though and you can market your store any way that you like.

Want a true auction site to list on? Try ebid.net this site works very similarly to eBay, the main difference being that eBay has a larger consumer base. Ebid though is luring many sellers with a one time fee that eliminates all FVFs and comes with many other perks.  The site has just undergone a massive redesign to modernize the look and feel.

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