eBay Selling Tips: Playstation PS2 Laser Lens Adjusting And Replacing Videos

Common Problems With The Playstation 2 Console

The Playstation 2 system was incredibly popular you can find plenty to buy and resell on eBay. However you're bound to come across some that need to be fixed. The main problem that happens to the PS2 is the "No Disc Read Error". That is the system will not read the disc even though the disc is perfectly usable and has no scratches. This problem occurs on all devices that utilize laser lenses to read discs. With use the laser lens slowly loses the focus needed to properly read the discs. Sometimes the only solution to this problem is to install a new laser lens. However, on the large model PS2 there is a fix you can try as shown in the video below:

The method above can work because by adjusting the laser (moving it closer to the disc) you're in effect making the laser more powerful. Of course you don't want to overdo this trick because if the laser is set to close the disc it could actually damage the discs. If you've performed this a couple of times with no results it could be that the laser lens is beyond repair and a new one must be installed. The video below shows how to install a new laser lens on the older model PS2:

On the newer slim model PS2 the procedure is slightly different as shown in the video below:

Things To Remember Before Starting Repairs

  1. There are many different models of the PS2, the replacement parts needed will depend on which model you own. Make sure you know your model number before you start repairing.

  2. Make sure it is not the disc. It is good to test with more than one disc it could be that the disc you're using is damaged and that is the reason it won't read it.

  3. Work carefully. In the above videos you will be making repairs on system that is powered on. This means that there is slight risk of electrical shock. You should be fine if you  follow the videos as shown. However, there are parts of the system that can cause a shock normally these are marked with a warning sticker. Never touch these areas with you hands or a screw driver.

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