Top 7 Rarest Video Games, What Do They Cost?

When most people think about a video game, they often think of something that is generally under $60.  Sure, while most newer games for the Xbox and Playstation retail for this amount, there are used games that can cost even less.  However, did you know that some video games can retail for hundreds, if not thousands?

Just like any other collectible asset, video games are no different. From the Atari to the Nintendo 64, there are some games that collectors are willing to pay top dollar for.  Which games, you may be wondering?  Let's explore seven that many find impossible to get.

#7 Virtual Bowling (Virtual Boy)

Ah, the virtual boy -- do you remember this?  Virtual bowling was one of the rarest games for this console.  Offering a tournament and practice mode, it was known as one of the best bowling sims on the market at the time.  Unfortunately  for the Virtual Boy, there was no save factor, so even if you had a high score, there was no evidence to prove it.  The last known copy was sold for $900+

Tetris S for Sega Saturn Cover Art RARE
Tetris S for Sega Saturn ($15,000)

#6 Tetris (Sega Saturn)

When you think of Tetris, you probably think of the original for either you Gameboy or Nintendo.  However, did you know there was a rare Japanese edition for the Sega Saturn?  Known as the Japanese Megadrive Tetris, this game never reached the shelves because it wasn't licensed and didn't have console rights.  That didn't stop it from gamers obtaining it.  If you can get your hands on a copy, you could be sitting on something worth close to $15,000.

#5 Atlantis II (Atari 2600)

This was the original Atlantis game that was introduced to the Atari 2600.  Since this game was never technically commercially sold, the inventory is relatively low.  So how did people get a hold of a copy, you may be wondering?  Well, back in the day, if you mailed in your max high score to the company, they would mail a limited edition which had a faster game play.  This limited edition, now valued at more than $5,000, was Atlantis II.

#4 Turf Masters (Neo Geo)

Known as the original golf game for the Neo Geo, Turf Masters is an original that many golf enthusiasts  gamers are looking to find.  While it was initially released in the arcades, it was soon brought to the Neo Geo home console.  Since many people didn't own the console at the time, the game inventory was rather limited.  So you're probably wondering what it's worth today?  The highest price today is around $8,000.

Ultimate 11 Screenshot NEO GEO Rare
Ultimate 11 Arcade Soccer game for NEO Geo (12,000)

#3 Ultimate 11 (Neo Geo)

Surprisingly, a lot of your collectibles are from the Neo Geo system.  In fact, some games, such as Ultimate 11, can fetch prices as high as $12,000!  Ultimate 11 is one the few sports games that was released for the Neo Geo.  Playing as one of the 80 different soccer teams in the world, this was yet another game that had a low inventory rate.  When it comes to sales today, many collectors find it next to impossible to buy.

Stadium events replica cartridges
I thought these were supposed to be rare?
#2 Stadium Events (Nintendo)

Developed by the company Bandai, Stadium Events was used with that infamous Nintendo Power Pad.  At the time, this game wasn't released by Nintendo and what the company did was released it to a certain amount of stores.  In return, the store was supposed to demo it and send it back.  However, as you may imagine, it never happened.  With a few different copies on the market, a cartridge equipped with a box and manual can reach prices as high as $15,000.

#1 Nintendo Campus Challenge 91 (Nintendo)

In 1991, Nintendo held a competition that went from college campus to campus in the United States.  During the game, competitors would play different games for six minutes that included all-time-favorites, such as Super Mario, Dr. Mario and Pin-Bot. Within that six minutes, if the competitors received a high score, the winner would be crown champion and would receive this game.  With only 30 or so known to be in circulation, this cartridge alone could be worth more than $20,000.

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