Improve Your eBay Listings with Terapeak's New Listing Optimizer

Terapeak Introduces New Listing Tool to Help Sellers Improve Visibility

Terapeak has added a new tool to improve rankings

It is no secret that since eBay implemented it's new Cassini Search algorithm that many sellers have seen views on their listings plummet. There are ways to improve your this as I brought out in my special report. Until now though there were no automated tools that could look at your listings at tell you specific steps to help you rank better in search.

If you haven't heard of Terapeak they eBay's official provider of market research. What that means is that they have access to much more eBay data than the average user. Things like sell through rate, avg sell price and number of competing listings. They also have the stats on which sellers have the most successful listings and which do not.

All This Data Means Terapeak Knows How To Rank On eBay

With all this information available Terapeak knows what it takes to get listings ranked on eBay.  They have narrowed it down to six basic categories where listings can be analyzed and score from 0 to 100. They are:

  1. Listing Title

  2. Listing Price

  3. Listing Category

  4. Seller Reputation

  5. Images

  6. Product Identifiers

Their are also some basic eBay best practices or recommendations that can help you rank higher as well. Some may not fit with your current business model but if you can you should implement these.  For example eBay has said outright that handling time is very important to them going forward. Obviously then you want you handling time to be as quick as possible if you want to get better rankings.  Terapeak subscribers can log in and get scores and recommendations at no extra charge.

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